The Best Herb Vaporizer Brands of All Time

The Best Herb Vaporizer Brands of All Time

The consumption of dry herbs have been around for longer than you know and vaporizers have been in the business getting people high and safe longer than you think. The concept of vaporizers is to provide cannabis users a safe means to extract the compounds found on cannabis flowers and loose-leaf materials. The CBDs and THCs that are released when burning cannabis can also be achieved through vaporization, all without getting to the point of combustion. Generally, anything that comes from combusted vegetable matter — the cannabis plant, and even tobacco for that matter — is hazardous to the human body, combusted plant material carries multiple compounds of toxins and carcinogens.

Surprisingly, even just sitting beside a “wood-fueled campfire” will expose you to these substances that leads to lung-related health issues as well as possible cardiovascular-related health concerns.

Vaping VS. Smoking Weed

Smoking weed is probably one of the easiest, most traditional and conventional means of loose-leaf and dry herb consumption. You just roll up a joint or pack a bowl and start smoking, while it’s more convenient and efficient for most, recent studies show that burning marijuana flowers and leaves actually do more harm (to both the plant and the user) than good. Smoking hurts the lungs and nearly every organ in your body, by burning your plant matter you help facilitate the breaking down of its chemical bonds which promotes the proliferation of “very reactive fragments called free radicals.” Several forms of free radicals are known to be highly toxic and can cause cancer amongst other complications. Plus, smoking it lets you miss out on a lot of its healing properties.

A need for a safer means to consume marijuana leaves and flowers gave birth to vaporizers, instead of burning your materials, vaporizers are designed to completely eliminate smoke and combustion while still allowing consumers to experience the same benefits you’d get from smoking cannabis but without the added risks. That means the THCs and CBDs are all in there without smoking’s harmful effects. Some companies and manufacturers have nearly if not already perfected the art of making vaporizers. Today I’ve listed some of the best dry herb vaporizer brands. Those that stood the test of time, the brands who transcended vaping boundaries and innovated and reinvented vaping altogether.

The Forefathers

Makers of an iconic dry herb vaporizer, conical in shape, remarkable and singular in performance. Storz & Bickel is responsible for one of today’s highly-acclaimed desktop vaporizer, the Volcano. They have been in the business since 1996 and have been at the top of the vaping food chain with other notable products like the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers, Storz & Bickel is a name that’s synonymous to the words durability and reliability. Their products boast top of the line German engineering so you can be sure of the quality of the products that you’re getting, from the quality of the materials to the strict standard they execute from assembly until the time they are boxed before shipment. Their keen attention to detail and their dedication to their craft makes Storz & Bickel one of the best dry herb vaporizer brands on the market today. Storz & Bickel vaporizers are simply made to last, designed to stand the test of time, most of the devices are considered as high-end dry herb vaporizers used by vaping pros who have amongst other enthusiasts have higher demands and more taxing requirements.

The Innovators

While other vape brands are considered as the epitome of quality and are heralded as industry standards, some are known to as innovators who revolutionize the norms in vaping and look to change the way how you vaporize your select materials.

Whoever said that dry herb vaporizers are only mean to vaporize dry herbs? Companies like PAX and Atmos continue to dominate the industry and its continuously growing and evolving segment of dual and multi-purpose vaporizers. With products like the PAX 3, PAX revolutionized the portable vaping scene and paved the way for other portable dry herb vaporizers to follow suit. The PAX 3 features an innovative concentrate insert which allows its users to use wax concentrates in their portable vape, how can a vaporizer designed and engineered for dry herb strains do that? That’s surreal. Furthermore, vape pens like the Atmos RX Complete Kit can vaporize almost every cannabis material be it herbs, buds, loose-leaf, wax, and oil. It even features a windproof design making it perfect even for outdoor use.

They are the vape brands that actually make it work. Turning ideas into real, tangible matter.

The Future

While vaping altogether is a technological wonder, other companies like Herbalizer look into the future of vaping. With features like automatic shut off with sleep function, temperature controlled shut off feature, LCD auto-dimming, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an intuitive user interface you really have to admit that it’s really something. Herbalizer vaporizers are made and designed by former NASA engineers so you’d know the quality of this vaporizer is simply out of this world — pun intended.

It even features a fail-safe mechanism which either automatically turns off the Herbalizer vape in the event of overheating or when the smart microchip senses a disruption in the balance and equilibrium of the vaporizer itself. It’s a smart vaporizer that shows what the future holds for vaporizer enthusiasts and dry herb aficionados making the Herbalizer one of best vaporizer brands that I believe is worth watching out for.

In Closing

Although most vapers believe it to be a healthier alternative — which it is, these vaporizer brands make it all the more evident and the quality they bring to the industry, as well as the creativity and the technology that is expressed through their products, are what makes vaping an enjoyable and a unique hobby.

If you’re a smoker wanting to get into vaping, or maybe just an enthusiast looking to add more vaporizers to your growing collection, these are the best vaporizer brands you would want to look at.